Our services cover the institutions, conventions, processes, rules and mechanisms through which important decisions are made and implemented under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Our approach and solutions are context-specific and interdisciplinary, drawing on insights from economics, organisational design and the behavioural sciences, amongst others. We recognise and cater for the evolutionary nature of governance and its mechanisms.

Domains include:

  • Risk appetite, tolerances and limit setting
  • Board and Committee mandates, membership and terms of reference in relation to risk
  • Risk management frameworks and policy infrastructure
  • Risk Strategy (incl. regulatory)
  • Reputation, conduct and ‘tone at the top’
  • Incentives and incentive systems
  • Risk monitoring, surveillance and reporting (incl. governance portals and dashboards)


Our services cover the development, implementation and validation of forward-looking decision-support models. Our models include suitable stress-testing approaches to ensure validity and suitability under varying conditions.

Domains include:

  • Credit risk
  • Investment risk
  • Operational risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Market risk
  • AML / CFT – Customer due diligence and transaction monitoring
  • Unstructured data analytics
  • Bespoke models


Our services include developing, implementing and reviewing risk and compliance programs and systems, covering mainstream legislation and regulation affecting multiple sectors across New Zealand.

Domains include:

  • Prudential risk (Regulator: Reserve Bank of New Zealand)
  • Conduct Risk (Regulator: Financial Markets Authority)
  • AML / CFT (Joint regulators: RBNZ, FMA, DIA)
  • Health & Safety (Regulator: WorkSafe NZ)
  • Privacy (Regulator: Privacy Commissioner)


Our services include developing, implementing and reviewing GRC technology solutions in a wide range of settings. We use a diverse range of specially adapted tools and technologies deployed off our proprietary platforms, including: data analytics / big data, sophisticated surveys / content and modelling suites. In conjunction with our strategic partners MetricStream we also support the implementation of commercial, off-the-shelf solutions from their comprehensive suite.

Domains include:

  • Risk capability and maturity benchmarking
  • Risk and compliance culture surveys
  • Risk capacity and risk aversion measurement tools
  • Risk registers
  • Incident management
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) reporting