RK Small

Richard has a background in risk spanning over 30 years in financial services, development finance and manufacturing. He has been a partner at Deloitte New Zealand where he lead risk and regulatory services for the Firm locally as well as on assignments across the Asia-Pacific.

He previously held senior roles at Westpac, Swiss Re and the Development Bank of South Africa. Richard is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

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Tom is the leader of our technology team and brings to RiskIQ over 20 years of experience managing critical IT system projects across a wide variety of industries and organisations in New Zealand and abroad.

Tom is the architect of our solutions platform IQ Sentient, and leads the development and deployment of our GRC solutions to our clients. He understands the inseparable connection between business and IT and how to use, adapt and build on existing knowledge and frameworks to address challenges, both new and established. He is passionate about helping our clients overcome major challenges in the IT space, and does this through his intuitive ability to build systems and tools that are intelligent, adaptive, and easy-to-use.

Tom is an expert in a multitude of coding languages and enterprise architecture platforms, and ensures that RiskIQ remains on the cutting edge of IT system capability.

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