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Shape what’s to come.

Make today’s decisions count.

With the right lens, any problem imagined is a problem we can start to solve. Together with RiskIQ, see things hidden in plain sight and move through uncertainty with ease.

Why Risk IQ?

Risk management, made for you

Together, let’s start to shape your future. Access the resources, tools and experience from risk management professionals, in plain language and in a form designed specifically for SMEs. 

Support through the unknown

We provide an external lens, helping you navigate your way through the unknowns – so you can start making the decisions that will shape what’s to come.

Take small but confident steps

It’s tough to prioritise things when they feel too far out on the horizon, or when they’re hidden right in plain sight. We have small and purpose-fit service packages, so you feel confident that you’re proactively managing future challenges ahead of the curve.

RiskIQ risk governance management

“Your insight, knowledge, and experience has added considerable value to our efforts and the contribution to progress is appreciated.”


Working with

RiskIQ risk governance management
RiskIQ risk governance management
RiskIQ risk governance management
RiskIQ risk governance management

What we offer


Audit and Assurance

  • Specialist audits

  • Compliance reviews

  • Internal audit co-sourcing

  • Project and program assurance

  • Compliance assurance program development

  • Internal control reviews

  • Financial markets licencing support

Risk Governance

  • Risk management strategy
  • Risk appetite
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing
  • Risk culture assessment
  • Training

Risk Management

  • Framework development
  • Strategic and operational risk assessments and response plans
  • Business Continuity
  • Quantiative / Financial Risk Analysis (QRA)
  • Risk scorecard development
  • Credit risk modelling (incl. expected credit loss – ECL)

Risk and Compliance Remediation

  • Compliance assurance program strengthening
  • Regulatory enforcement response
  • Regulatory compliance remediation
  • Compliance scorecard development and performance monitoring

Risk Metrics and Disclosure

  • Risk indicators (lead and lag, financial and non-financial)
  • Risk scorecard development
  • Risk dashboard design

Operations, Data and Tools

  • Risk operating models (Three Lines of Defence, RACI)
  • Risk assessment and response templates
  • Bowtie analysis
  • Online GRC tools
  • Risk analytics

Sustainability and Climate Risk

  • Carbon Inventory management and assessment
  • Value / Supply chain mapping
  • Physical, Transition and Legal risk assessment
  • Adaptation planning
  • Climate change financial disclosures
  • International standard benchmarking (TCFD, UNSDG)
  • Climate change scenario analysis and stress-testing
  • Transition maturity assessments and roadmap development

Richard Kirkland


In addition to serving a wide range of private and public sector organisations, Richard now shares his 30 years of knowledge and experience in governance, risk and compliance with small-to-medium enterprises. With a background spanning across a range of industries, including financial services, development finance and manufacturing, he is well-equipped to serve the complex solutions often needed by SMEs.

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RiskIQ risk governance management


“Risks need to be managed in line with public perception. bringing in an external perspective – a fresh pair of eyes – helps you zoom out and see the bigger picture. 



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